The Good Fight

I have not yet introduced my new partner from Columbia, Efrain Mosquera. He is twenty-five years old and has been on the Xtreme Team for quite some time. He is rather quiet and usually does not say something if he truly does not mean it. In many ways he has no fear by what he says and has told me many times that I am fat. But even more importantly he is fearless with the Gospel and I have not met anyone else in my life with a better relationship with Christ. Efrain spends hours and hours with the Father and is always trying to be closer to His presence and this has greatly challenged my walk.

This time of waiting and anticipation has been somewhat tough on Efrain. Though as usual he has found a way to grow through it. He wrote this on our computer almost as open journal blog and shared it with me. I deeply moved me and I hope that it will inspire in you in the same way.

¨This is a letter that I am writing no with my own hand or fingers but it is through a keyboard.

I am in my last days of this year and it started to become very slow; the difference is that every day we or really I am a little different inside, and have more become intense in my prayers for these days the spiritual battle is growing in me, I feel that I am in a war without quarter, many times, the arrows of the enemy has harmed me. However, I recognized who God is and has raised me to continue the good fight of faith, not in my strength but in Christ´s, and die every day taking the hard and heavy cross. This part has been the most difficult because I am found with two sides inside: the Spirit and the Flesh. The Bible says that these two are in opposition, the point is that GOD has given me the capability to choose good or evil. But at times I do not choose the good, always aksing God to please help me be crucified just like Jesus did…once and forever. The small struggles will prepare me for the greater battles and of course continue in God with His Word.

The date to leave the community has passed but we keep praying because we have the hope of going and sharing the Gospel. Now we are here in the house and personally I am bored. This time I have used to learn a story, the story of disobedience of man in Quechua. This is a serious thing to learn. The thing is that God has given me the ability to do this because he knows that this is for His Glory, and Miguel°, my new partner already knows the story of creation in Quechua, and told me that he feels a peace waiting for the moment to leave. We think that this time God is using to protect us from some danger or is preparing the hearts of those who will hear the Gospel of Christ, or even working in our hearts.
I dreamed about my old friend from High School, and the made me pray for him, and for all of my friends from my High School. I don´t know if they are living, but it is my desire and the desire of God that they receive salvation like God has had mercy on me. It is something so beautiful to wake every morning and know that it is for the goodness of God that I can or we can enjoy one day more and know that this day we will have the opportunity to give glory to God. In my Study Bible I am in Ezekiel. It is a serious thing to be a prophet of God, but also, is even more serious to be far from God and not know that God is God and always wants the best for his chosen people.

I miss my family, but this morning I learned one more time that if you don´t hate your most beloved and totally give your obedience to God, you simply cannot be his Disciple. LORD, this is my prayer I give to you every day, without reservations or conditions, in the middle of society that every time I am in sin, LORD, I need you deeply to help me walk in this world with your light and your truth and in this way be light and truth to many people that know nothing of you. Only for your Glory. Thanks for your faithfulness and your forgiveness in Jesus, Amen.¨
– Efrain Mosquera
°¨Miguel¨ is my name in Spanish and the name all the Latinos use for me.

I translated the letter so I know there are many errors. I just hope that his message was a clear picture of a man after God´s own heart. Please pray for us as we try to stay sharp and find our satisfaction in the Lord everyday.

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2 Responses to The Good Fight

  1. Matt says:

    he calls you fat?? hahaha… i like him already. he seems like a solid guy. im glad the L blessed u with a great, godly partner. take care brother.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Props for the shirt. You’re my hero, and one day you will be better at basketball than mesk

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