>since april….

>Since it has been since April since I last updated this (I know, I know- no one cares)…I thought a numbers list was in order to catch up…

Number of times my guard called me outside to see the three tiniest cutest kittens I’d ever seen…1
Number of times I thought it would be great to show my roommates inside the compound a kitten…1
Number of times I corralled said kittens with the help of my guard and picked on up…1
Number of times the kitten I did catch bit me with a vengeance…1
Number of times I have contemplated where I went wrong in the decision making process…12560
Number of rabies shots given as a result of kitten bite…2
Number of times I have been reminded by others of the above experience when commenting on the cuteness of street animals I pass…4
Number of animals other than my own that I have touched since…0
Number of visits to America in June…1
Number of times I visited Chic-fil-A in that time…4
Number of times I was reminded of how great my friends and family at home are…103
Number of times I questioned the rightness of coming back to Africa…0
Number of planned trips to Ethiopia that leave tomorrow…1
Number of days I will be out of country…16
Number of countries I will visit…2 (ethiopia and zambia)
Number of wonders of the world I will witness…1 (Victoria Falls)
Number of old friends I will see…4 (Hey Helgrens!)
Number of new little friends I will meet…1 (Yay Lauren!)
Number of times I will think of you all…568 (at least)

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