Lost Sheep

I am sorry for the delay in the blog. Andrew and I got back about a week ago and he has since left to go back to the States. Also Kay´s parents were here for a bit.

In this blog I will just tell how our most recent trip went. Though it was rather short it was one of the most important trips we have done thus far. My first trip with Andrew the people worked us really hard and at times it felt we were only hired hands which seemed as if the real reason we were there was lost by the people. This trip was to regain the focus.

We decided to plan only to work half the day and reserve the rest for studying Quechua. If the people were willing to accommodate we could stay and if not then we would have had to find another place. Learning the language is of the utmost priority and we wanted the people to remember why we were there.

To the Praise of our Father it was a very successful trip. Upon arriving to Quchumi we found that they had been saving our room for us until our return. We were able to work with our Man of Peace all the days and were never without food.

The first time we had to leave to go study and not work the rest of the day was hard because Don, our Man of Peace, had a hard time understanding and even asked us who was now going to help him. Though a little worried at first, we still received food and the promise of work for the rest of the week.

Andrew had memorized a story, which was Jesus´ parable of the lost sheep. Upon hearing this story, Don was excited about learning more stories in the future and understood the need or our studying. I asked him a few questions about the story Andrew told. His favorite part of the story was that God was looking for the lost sheep and he even said that he felt like that he was the lost sheep.

Though our trip was short we are really excited about what we were able to see during our time there. God is preparing the hearts of the Quechua in Quchumi for His Precious Word. We are just excited about being a part of this work.

I want to thank Andrew Griffith for his time here in Bolivia. Though he was only here for two and a half months the work he did here was invaluable to our team. Andrew, thanks for being my partner and being so passionate about His Glory as I believe you accomplished much here for the Kingdom. You are going to be missed.

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2 Responses to Lost Sheep

  1. im your favorite reader here!

  2. Kelli says:

    So exciting, Graham! Especially what Don said about being one of the lost sheep. I’ll be praying and can’t wait to hear how God continues to draw Don and others to Himself through the team’s efforts!

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