The Road I´m On

Part of my job is to travel…travel a lot. After having a moment of weakness, complaining that I had seen no victory (O how foolish I was), that I was just barely surviving. I then started reading in my journal and saw all the many things the LORD had brought me through, all the ways He had kept me safe, and how He had brought me to every place I needed to be.

This is a list that I was able to extract from my journal and expense reports and in the end I was blown away at the Faithfulness of the LORD, and how He had been with me everywhere I went.

4/18/7 – Orlando to Atlanta to Lima, Peru (plane)
4/19/7 – Lima to Puerto Maldonado (plane)
5/23/7 – Puerto Maldonado to Cusco
5/24/7 – Cusco to Lima
5/26/7 – Lima to Tarapoto
5/28/7 – Tarapato to Yurimaguas
5/30/7 – Yurimaguas to Nueva Vida
6/14/7 – Nueva Vida to Yurimaguas
6/16/7 – Yurimaguas to Tarapoto
6/17/7 – Tarapoto to Lima
6/19/7 – Lima to Pucallpa (plane)
6/20/7 – Pucallpa to Samán (boat)
7/8/7 – Samán to Pucallpa (boat)
7/13/7 – Pucallpa to Lima (plane)
7/17/7 – Lima to Cusco
7/18/7 – Cusco to Puerto Maldonado
7/20/7 – Puerto Maldonado to Cusco (plane)
7/22/7 – Cusco to Tacna
7/23/7 – Tacna to Arica, Chile to Tacna
7/23/7 – Tacna to Lima (plane)
7/27/7 – Lima to Puerto Maldonado (plane)
8/31/7 – Puerto Maldonado to Laberinto
9/2/7 – Laberinto to Puerto Maldonado
9/10/7 – Puerto Maldonado to Laberinto
9/12/7 – Laberinto to Puerto Maldonado
9/17/7 – Puerto Maldonado to Laberinto
9/19/7 – Laberinto to Puerto Maldonado
9/24/7 – Puerto Maldonado to Laberinto
9/29/7 – Laberinto to Puerto Maldonado
10/4/7 – Puerto Maldonado to Laberinto
10/6/7 – Laberinto to Puerto Maldonado
10/12/7 – Puerto Maldonado to Laberinto
10/14/7 – Laberinto to Puerto Maldonado
10/19/7 -Puerto Maldonado to Laberinto
10/20/7 – Laberinto to Puerto Maldonado
10/21/7 – Puerto Maldonado to Lima (plane)
10/23/7 – Lima to Puerto Maldonado (plane)
10/27/7 – Puerto Maldonado to Laberinto
10/29/7 – Laberinto to Puerto Maldonado
11/9/7 – Puerto Maldonado to Cusco
11/11/7 – Cusco to Sicuani
11/12/7 – Sicuani to Cusco
11/15/7 – Cusco to Puerto Maldonado
11/28/7 – Puerto Maldonado to Cusco
11/30/7 – Cusco to Lima
12/3/7 – Lima to Guayaquil, Ecuador
12/4/7 – Guayaquil to Quito
12/14/7 – Quito to Borbón
12/15/7 – Borbón to Loma Linda (boat)
12/16/7 – Loma Linda to Zapallo Grande (boat)
12/17/7 – Zapallo Grande to Borbón to Esmeraldes to Quito
12/23/7 – Quito to Guayaquil
1/2/8 – Guayaquil to Lima, Peru
1/4/8 – Lima to Cusco
1/6/8 – Cusco to Puno
1/7/8 – Puno to Copacabana, Bolivia
1/9/8 – Copacabana to La Paz
1/11/8 – La Paz to Oruro to Llallagua
1/12/8 – Llallagua to Pocoata
1/18/8 – Pocoata to Llallagua to Oruro to Cochabamba
1/21/8 – Cochabamba to Santa Cruz (plane)
1/22/8 – Santa Cruz to Santiago, Chile (plane)
1/29/8 – Santiago to Santa Cruz to Cochabamba (plane)
1/29/8 – Cochabamba to Oruro

2/1/8 – Oruro to Llallagua
2/4/8 – Llallagua to Oruro
2/6/8 – Oruro to Llallagua to Pocoata
2/7/8 – Pocoata to Colqa Pampa (walking)
2/9/8 – Colqa Pampa to Pocoata (walking)
2/11/8 – Pocoata to Colqa Pampa to Taruqa to Qarchumi (walking)
2/13/8 – Qarchumi to Colqa Pampa to Pocoata (walking)
2/16/8 – Pocoata to Llallagua to Oruro
2/17/8 – Oruro to La Paz
2/20/8 – La Paz to Puno
2/21/8 – Puno to Arequipa
2/28/8 – Arequipa to Lima
3/2/8 – Lima to Pucallpa
3/12/8 – Pucallpa to Lima
3/30/8 – Lima to La Paz
3/31/8 – La Paz to Sucre
4/8/8 – Sucre to Cochabamba
4/10/8 – Cochabamba to Santa Cruz
4/15/8 – Santa Cruz to Lima, Peru (Plane)
4/28/8 – Lima to Cusco
5/2/8 – Cusco to Puno
5/3/8 – Puno to La Paz, Boliva
5/4/8 – La Paz to Cochabamba
· The travels that have no description after them means we traveled by bus or taxi.

I take a lot of buses. Many of these buses take anywhere from ten hours to over thirty hours. On a bus we don´t have much to do. They usually blare horrible regge music or show some movie from the eighties that I didn´t know Kevin Costner played in dubbed in horrible spanish. Many times it is a good opportunity to pray, to reflect, and just try to focus on what needs to be done in the future.

I started training on the 12th of August and it ended on the 20th of November. During this time my partner and I would take trips to this community called Laberinto about an hour away to practice stories and just being a missionary.

Boats would range anywhere from a peki peki, which is a boat carved out of a tree with a very undependable motor called a peki (hence the name) to a huge boat called a launcha, where the boat was full of hammocks stretching from one end to another. Going from Samán to Pucallpa was a three day ride.

I know it just appears to be places and dates and nothing more to many people, but to me I am able to see how we waited for a boat for a week because of a strike in a city, how my symptoms for Typhoid went away hours before a two day boat ride, and how no matter what the situation the LORD brought me safely home and always on His timing, which is always the right time.

So, this is the road I´m on and who knows for how long. At times I have no place to rest my head, but resting in Him and having Him walk this road with me I could not be in a better place.

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