>Death March 2007 aka. A Day at the Farm


So after the run in with the friendly chickens, we embarked upon the Sandbox Death March of 2007. What began as a “we’d love to see the orchards” turned into an hour and half walk over the whole property…from the farm, through the fruit trees (amazing…but not quite like the neat and tidy orchards you may think of at the Motts Apple Farm), to the River, through the fields, and back to the farm. Strangely enough, despite our best attempts at going early in the morning, we still managed to be walking in the heat of the day.
The good news is that I had my camera this time, and have a few to share with you. A Date Palm (they really exist)
My new friend. She was my walking buddy.
Mango (it’s almost ripe…I ate it’s brother yesterday)
Brother and Sister (with some mango in her mouth. gross)
out of the forest and to the river

My little friends, in the cornfields

The shore of the river…mud turns quickly to cracked earth in the heat

A Sandbox Scarecrow


SOoooooo in the end, we arrived back at the truck and drank water, recovered from the long walk, and ate our fruit with a sense of satisfaction that only comes from knowing that you earned it.

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One Response to >Death March 2007 aka. A Day at the Farm

  1. >De-Ja-Vou (may need spelling help here)…P and I got the ole’ orchard excursion and got away with sooo much produce. I’m always suprises how proud farmers are of their crops and depend greatly on a plentiful harvest…we long for this too I think.

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