>It’s Been A While

>Considering it’s been almost two months since I last posted one of these (go ahead, judge me), there are two options before me, as I see it. The first would be to write a unbelievably long blog that explains everything I have done since the last time we talked (those who know me would not consider this out of character), and the second is to simply start from here, duly chastised, and try to be better from now on.
So I’m going to go with….number two. Yeah, definitely number two.

It’s good to be back. I’ve figured out how to put pictures on this stupid thing (I think) so I may even put a few of those on. Maybe. See you soon.

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3 Responses to >It’s Been A While

  1. >Well spoken. That’s exactly the way I feel ummm…EVERY time I update my blog because it’s never enough. And how can anyone chastise an update that makes them laugh. Great to have you back, but regardless of how often you post, you are being lifted up often!!-DR

  2. Al & KK says:

    >The Tilleys just left and gave us a card with your blog address. We will try and catch up and try to keep up! We’re proud of you!

  3. Amanda says:

    >i love you. glad to see an update . . . i won´t see another one until thanksgiving . . . kinda weird. look forward to the day we catch up. brocky

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