Sweet Sorrow

Back in Florida, I sit down reminiscing over the past two months and I can only smile at the Grace given so bountifully. Who am I to receive such? Entering orientation I was full of anxiety and little to no expectations about what was going to happen. I desired to be faithful and obedient but knowing myself I was afraid to fall as so many times before. Immediately I felt a huge burden weighing my soul down that I was literally forced to be humbled to my knees. My sole desire became to know Christ, know Him personally, Him intimately, to be so close it hurt; I would worry about the details later. What happened was a wonderful two months filled with great difficulty but greater glory, always leading me to the throne of His Grace. Though I fell into many a “slough of despond” God always provided a companion on the other side to lift me out. Passing through this world as a pilgrim I cherish the company of the other pilgrims on the same path to the Celestial City. My travels couldn’t have been made without the Faithful and Hopeful that accompanied me. This is what makes our departure so bittersweet. Each assigned to their own battlefield, we must part. In our parting we are left with sweet memories mingled with the sorrow of being without the other. Though we take different roads for the King we will meet at the same destination on the other side of His Good Will. I pray that when my time is up I will be found faithful among the faithful.
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5 Responses to Sweet Sorrow

  1. Sarah Dean says:

    Graham…miss you =)

  2. Matthew says:

    Sir!It was a privilege to spend the past eight weeks with you! It is weird to sit at home and not in sessions right now with you astutely listening in the back with Baker and Lankford and what other random guest for the day!

  3. :Jason: says:

    bro…i’m going to have to echo what Mattew said. I do miss the days with the three of us sitting in the back. I hope to see those days again.,,

  4. Matt says:

    well said…completely agree j lank. Grahamuel, hope all is well in florida….

  5. Helgrenfam says:

    hi friendyou are in our thoughts and prayers and we as an entire family miss you very much! we pray that your preparations are smooth and that our precious Father guides you each and every day!blessings our fellow laborer..

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