>oooooohhhhhh the first post

>First of all,

the pressure here is to begin and begin well [in reference to posting, of course], while seeking the approval of only One yet writing for the benefit of many.

thereby, i want to write with elegance timely reflections on my story; and at the same time, by Grace, allow the Story to be written in me.

now with the Firstfruits of the New already come, the First has guaranteed the Fullness [though the earth still groans]. so then, i too am compelled to tell of the New in me to the earth that groans for Good to be revealed [in us].

the pressure here is, now, to finish and finish well, because the One who calls us [and this] good was [and is] the Beginning [on our behalf]. all that remains, then, is to be faithful unto Fullness [in reference to posting, of course].

your thoughts are encouraged. your participation is Desired.

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5 Responses to >oooooohhhhhh the first post

  1. jamie says:

    >this is the first comment on a post of grace and good earth. number one. now, do you feel the freedom yet to continue? i, personally, have drawn a blogging blank in recent days and according to johnnie i must continue myself. but, today, cheers and hoorays to you sister +peace be.

  2. Sarah Dean says:

    >your words are beautiful, just as you are sister. i can’t believe we only have a few more days. i love you.

  3. >response, (in kind):eagerly we have awaited the advent [of your blog], and have groaned inwardly for the adoption [of this post]. for the Fullness, so eloquently spoken of, we faithfully hope – though we have yet to see it [your first] – yet hope that is seen is not hope. for who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.i exhort you, therefore, to abound in blogging.[it will be totally sweet]

  4. >encore, svp.capitaine

  5. Helgrenfam says:

    >i miss you and hope to talk to you really soon! we watched video of storytime with our precious baby girl last night and we prayed for you! much love my friend!!

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