I figured since I am here at Rockville, VA, and there is not a whole lot of action going on now, that I will try to post every week about what I am learning or experiencing until I get on the field. I credit Parker Windle for the use of the word, Savage. One of the greatest joys of being here during orientation is having fellowship with my brothers in Christ. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by Savages who walk the Way of Christ, charging against the gates of hell to proclaim the light in the midst of darkness. As we strive forward in this continuing epic we grow stronger together. We have had many rituals proving our savagery, which include Savage Night (a.k.a date night by those less savage), Walking on Water, playing Bolivian Basketball, the Swing of Glory, and Running the Gauntlet over the River Of Death (R.O.D.) I cannot quite convey how much God has used these guys to further my walk, challenge me where I am weak, and if nothing else have a great time even while doing things not so smart. There is something to be said of an army, a tribe, a band of brothers marching to the same beat, for the same cause, in this case to further the Kingdom of God. They are the Savages refusing to conform to this world becoming outcasts who boldly proclaim the Gospel for the True King. I give a shout out to my brothers, my fellow sojourners, who walk worthy and allow me to share in their Savagery.
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2 Responses to Savages

  1. Matt says:

    It’s definitely date night… savagery even a word???

  2. pdub says:

    wow, spreading savage…isn’t it a great word!

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