Awake the Dawn

I figured that I would explain the reason why I titled this blog the way that I did, besides the obvious reason that I think it sounds cool. Know that I am no theologian, but only a fellow layman, a child of my Father in Heaven and these blogs are only an expression of my relationship with my Beautiful Savior. Please lend grace to where my weaknesses truly show in my writing and even my thoughts.
Psalm 57 has been truly one of my favorite Psalms ever since I went to Venezuela on my first mission trip during the summer of 2003. I was interning under the Incredible Randy Presley and was placed on a team with my adopted family members, Steve and Trish Karn. From the trip I remember most vividly that I never wanted to do missions again and I definitely wouldn’t go back to South America. It was a stressful week that only revealed my lack of spiritual maturity. I learned more than I thought, however, and one thing I did take from it was this Psalm that was read by one of the Venezuelan pastors. When he read it, it was like I had never seen it before even though I read through the Psalms a thousand times. Looking back and seeing how God has worked within me a passion for missions I realize how He planted the seed of verse 2 deep within my heart, “I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.”
I always loved the imagery of verse 8 especially. “Awake, my glory! Awake, O harp and lyre! I will Awake the Dawn!” This verse I believe is speaking to the necessity, the urgency of worshipping God. The verse before and the verses after speak of giving thanks, singing praises, the exaltation of God, His Glory being over all the earth. Is this not why we were created? Our purpose to exalt an Almighty God, the Creator, the Author of Life? I believe all creation speaks, sings, shouts His Glory, His Majesty. Why should we, who have been made in His image, do any less?
There was probably no one who was more passionate about praising God than David, a man after God’s own heart. David here, first says, “Awake my glory!” He is basically saying, “Awake my whole being, my whole essence, everything that is in me, let it be alert, let it be totally aware of my God.” How many times have I been divided in my thoughts, and have worshipped half-heartily, holding back what I wasn’t willing to give to Him? O, that I would awake my glory, awaken it to the praise of my Living God, that all of who I am, all my strengths, all my weaknesses, all I fear and love, all my thoughts and desires, my whole body and soul are awoken to the sunrise of His Eternal Beauty.
He then says, “Awake, O harp and lyre!” David was such an amazing song writer that we still use his beautiful poetry today. What makes them so powerful yet relevant is that he sung and played from what was in the depths of his heart crying out. His music reflected his passion for God, and here he wanted to use his skill of harp and lyre to bless his Savior, to worship Him in song.
Finally, he says, “Awake the Dawn!” David is so eager to see the sunrise so that he can begin to praise the LORD. If he could he would have literally woken a personified dawn so that he could declare the mercies of the LORD. To have such passion, to look forward to the next day only to lift up our God in praise for who He is. I know there have been many a day that I have dreaded and I became bogged down with the trivialities of life. But what if my attitude was to eagerly await, wanting desperately to awake the dawn so that I may begin to declare how great is my God? In so many ways I am impatient to look for my own glory. I wake up in the morning, consumed with who I am that I truly miss why I am, why I have been created.
The verses after this speak soundly of our purpose, which is fulfilled only by God. That He is exalted above the Heavens! That His Glory be over all the earth! I pray that my life will be a pursuit of Him, and will not rest in anything but fellowship with Him. That my life will glorify God in such a way that He is truly magnified and I am nothing more than a reflection. The desire of my soul is to long for tomorrow, to give thanks to God for yet another day to Honor Him, to awake eagerly so I have the opportunity to praise my LORD. I will awake the dawn.
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3 Responses to Awake the Dawn

  1. wow graham. you do have a gift for writing and expressing your heart. i’m feeling a little ashamed of my lame blog title. jk. how cool to have that turning point in your life to look back on. that passage is rich…lots of food for thought.

  2. Graham,I think how many times over the years I didn’t want to go to sleep because of what was waiting for me the next day. Your thoughts, meditations remind us to embrace each day with God’s help. We all need to remember that “his mercies are new each day.”Mom

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is very interesting for me to read the blog. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more soon.

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