I hope this to be the first of many blogs chronicling my adventure through these next couple of years. God has laid on my heart a burning desire for the lost that have never been told the Good News. In the heart of South America there are many indigenous people groups that have never had the chance to hear of Salvation. They live in difficult areas to access, which few sojourners have ever travelled. How are they to call on His Name, to believe, to hear unless someone is sent? I pray with the strength of the LORD and His good purpose He will use this broken instrument for His Glory and the advance of His Kingdom. I know this will not be an easy journey nor do I intend for it to be, but what I seek is His Good pleasure in my obedience to His will. This road will lead me to great mountains taking me to the heights of His Majesty where I will be engulfed by His Holy presence, but it will also take me to the lowest depths of spiritual valleys where my only Hope through the darkness is to hold onto the Light that will lead me Home. My intention is to share the workings of God in my life and the lives of the Xtreme Team so that we can fellowship in His Glory all to the praise of His Name. Right now I am in Rockville, Virginia going through Orientation but I will be heading to Peru on April 18th. Please be in prayer for my preparation as I will soon embark on this journey with the LORD.
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2 Responses to Beginnings

  1. Tyler Eiland says:

    hope everything is going well Graham.

  2. ljmichael says:

    The destiny for your service is the greatest, but the journey will be most worthwhile along the way. We with you and for you as sojourners,knowing that God has prepared an adventure beyond your wildest expectations. May His hold hedge be your protection, and may each moment be filled with purposeful experience — from prayer, to travel, to devotion, to sharing, to forming relationships, to partnering for the sake of the Kingdom with those yet unknown. Love you lots. LJ/MA

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